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The Pulsar is our zero light designer space heater which can be suspended from high ceilings. The Pulsar will directly warm people below the heater and so can be used in applications such as reception areas, restaurants and public areas. When used in smaller enclosed spaces such as hallways Pulsar will heat the zone and the room itself.

Pulsar is made in Ireland from high quality materials and is completely maintenance free. The heater takes around 10 minutes to warm up and should be used in conjunction with Herschel IQ controls.

The black Pulsar is higher power and more effective for space/zone heating applications. The white Pulsar is relatively low power and more suited to heating smaller rooms or as a supplementary heater to existing systems.

The white Pulsar is 1800W and will heat an enclosed indoor area of 8 – 15m2 from a height of up to 2.5m . The Black pulsar is 2400W and will heat enclosed indoor areas of 12-20m2 from a height of up to 2.8m. These areas are a guideline only and will be impacted by airflow and ambient temperatures. Dependent upon the property age/type, insulation levels and levels of airflow present, the number of heaters required and running times will vary.

Specification literature

Pulsar specification