Safe Hands Mobility Centres

Introduction Safe Hands Group was originally founded by Sue Smith 25 years ago as a private agency providing domestic help to allow elderly people to remain in their own homes.



  • 15pcs 595x595mm Cat ll Fluorescent ;
  • 5pcs 1200x600mm Cat ll Fluorescent;
  • 4pcs 500w Metal Halide Floodlights;
  • 4pcs 100w Metal Halide Floodlights;
  • 7pcs twin T8 6ft Fluorescent;


  • 20pcs 595x595mm High Lumen LED Panel:
  • 5pcs 20w PIR LED Floodlight;
  • 8pcs 60w LED Battens;
  • 10pcs LED GU10 lamps for Track Lighting


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £1,376;
  • Estimated kWh Electricity Saved per Annum: 10,331;
  • Estimated CO2 Saved per Year (in Tonnes): 4.8;
  • Return On Investment (in Months): 32.