OVENDEN Earthmoving was originally established in 1973 to carry out the Earthworks for Cross Channel Contractors in connection with the construction of the Channel Tunnel. Since then OVENDEN Earthmoving has grown steadily, acquiring a wealth of experience in the many and varied Earthworks contracts that have been undertaken.



  • 25pcs 6ft Cat. ll Fluorescent;
  • 5pcs 2D;
  • 8pcs 250w Metal Halide High Bay;
  • 20pcs Various Fluorescent Tubes;
  • 5pcs 250w Metal Halide Floodlights;
  • 3pcs 100w Halogen Floodlights.


  • 49pcs 600x600 High Lumen LED Panels;
  • 19pcs 40/60w Non Corrosive IP65 LED Tri Proofs
  • 10pcs 50w /30w LED Flood Lights;
  • 5pcs 13w LED Ceiling Lights;
  • 11pcs 19w LED Ceiling Lights;
  • 4pcs 120w LED High Bay.


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £2,527;
  • Estimated kWh Electricity Saved per Annum: 18,943;
  • Estimated CO2 Saved per Year (in Tonnes): 8;
  • Return On Investment (in Months): 23.