Grestec Tiles

Grestec Tiles is an established supplier of commercial floor and wall tiles to the UK's architectural and specification market. We were referred to Grestec by a 3rd party organisation when they were looking to reduce their Carbon Footprint in order to comply with their customer’s supply chain restrictions. 



  • 57pcs 5ft T8 Cat ll Twin Fluorescent@100w each;
  • 17pcs SON High Bays @450w each;
  • A mixture of 25-50w CFL and Halogen Bulbs.


  • 32pcs 38w Majimoto G Series LED Panel;
  • 32pcs 30w Majimoto Linear Battens;
  • 12pcs 36w Majimoto Linear Battens;
  • 12pcs 100w LED High Bay;
  • A mixture of Sensored/Emergency/ Corridor function LED Bulkheads


  • Improved Lux Levels in the Warehouses
  • Increased savings due to occupancy and daylight sensors;


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £3946
  • Carbon Savings in Tonnes CO2 per Annum 14.6
  • ROI(months): 54