Lombard House

Lombard House Business Centre can provide a range of flexible office space for up to 60 businesses with short and long term tenancy available.


  • 43pcs 5ft T8 Single Fluorescent@50w each;
  • 156pcs 5ft T8 Twin Fluorescent@100w each;
  • 25pcs Cat ll Quad 2ft T8 Fluorescent@80w;
  • A mixture of 25-50w CFL and Halogen Bulbs.


  • 25pcs 38w Majimoto G Series LED Panel;
  • 161pcs 46w Majimoto Linear Battens;
  • 44pcs 40w Corridor Linear Battens;
  • 15pcs 18w Majimoto Round Panels
  • 30pcs Emergency Bulkheads
  • A mixture of Sensored/Emergency LED Bulkheads.


  • A brighter, more inviting reception area.
  • Increased savings due to occupancy and daylight sensors;
  • Work-friendly diffused light;
  • Almost no maintenance required;


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £4562
  • Carbon Savings in Tonnes CO2 per Annum 19.8
  • ROI(months): 68