Husk Commercial Vehicle Services


Providing Commercial Vehicle Services since 1901 Husk UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading fuel card providers. Based at Lydden in Kent, Husk represents a number of UK and European Petroleum companies providing efficient fuel purchasing solutions. In addition to fuel Husk operate a 7-acre freight terminal on the main A2 and offer comprehensive warehousing solutions and a large independent vehicle workshop specialising in servicing and maintenance of all types of commercial vehicles.

Project value: £17,000


  • 6ft Fluorescent Tubes
  • 5ft Fluorescent Tubes
  • 400w Metal Halide Discharge High Bay


80w Non-Corrosive LED Batten


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £2857;
  • Estimated Maintenance Cost Saved per Annum: £1000;
  • Estimated kWh Electricity Saved per Annum: 21417;
  • Estimated CO2 Saved per Year (in Tonnes): 10;
  • Return On Investment (in Months): 35.