Greeting Cards by Noel Tatt

A family run design and printing company with over 60 years of experience and winners of the industry’s highest award for the last 5 years. As the business expanded, Majimoto was invited to design the lighting scheme and supply fittings for Noel Tatt’s new warehouse. Following the installation, we were invited to quote for a full LED retrofit of the existing lighting in their main building.



    • 150pcs 6ft T8 Single Fluorescent Tubes @59w each
    • 36pcs 4ft T8 Twin Fluorescent tubes@80w each
    • 16pcs 4ft T8 Quad Fluorescent Cat ll @160w each
    • 12pcs 2ft T8 Quad Fluorescent Cat ll @80w each
    • 9pcs Halogen floodlight@250w ;
    • A mixture of 25-50w CFL and Halogen Bulbs.


  • 150pcs 26w LED Tubes ;
  • 2pcs 100w LED High Bay;
  • 43pcs 38w Majimoto G Series LED Panel
  • 12pcs 15w Majimoto Round Panel
  • Various B22 and GU10 Base LED lamps.


  • Reduced glare in the design office through a bespoke solution;
  • Improved uniformity on the work plane;


  • Estimated Energy Cost Saved per Annum: £3777
  • Carbon Savings in Tonnes CO2 per Annum 15.2
  • ROI (months): 47.